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Julia is not your average blogger or KOL. Having lived in Taiwan, Canada and China for years, she understands the global landscape. After earning the Bachelor of Commerce from UBC with a major in Marketing, Julia started her career by working in strong brands such as Adidas, Disney, Chanel, Lacoste, etc.

An expert in consumer products and behaviors, she switched from a corporate career path to entrepreneurship in 2017, now co-founding a cross-border travel startup "DreaminLA," based in Los Angeles and Shanghai. The company aims curate the most unique travel experiences in LA for the Chinese millennial. 

A blend of East & West, Julia understands the mindsets of the international consumers and their ever-changing taste. She also writes in both English and Mandarin, making use of her bilingual skills. Therefore, Julia's digital footprints extend from Western social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc) to Chinese platforms (WeChat & Weibo.) Her audience are global as well - the majority are located in USA, Canada, China and Taiwan. 

Travel Partners

Heels on the Go work with travel companies, destinations, hotels and resorts to help them achieve their goals. These partners trust in Julia's style & taste, unique content creation, bilingual skills, and international social media promotion to showcase their offerings. 

brand partners

Heels on the Go is a blog that is dedicated first and foremost to style. So it makes sense that stylish brands rely on Julia to reach a niche audience of travelers who are just as passionate about beautiful products as unforgettable experiences. Julia has helped brands, from fashion labels to lifestyle brands, to showcase their products around the world and reach their target consumers.

“Julia is an exceptional travel writer and world explorer, she harnesses her natural curiosity and flair for writing to transport her readers to distant and wonderful places.

Julia’s rich and detailed accounts of her experiences satisfy every armchair travelers wanderlust and her how-to’s motivate urban homebodies to transform into aspiring globetrotters.

My first hand experiences working with her have always been a pleasure as she brings her positivity and professionalism to every interaction.”
— Tongalag Liu, Founder of Peau de Fée Beauty

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