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Top 5 Books Every Millennial Must Read: Career, Personal Finances & Adulting

Are you a millennial? Are you in your 20’s and 30’s? Have you ever caught yourself pausing for a second during your hectic day and asking “Am I on the right track?” or “Is that all there is?” I ask myself those questions constantly ever since graduating college five years ago, and every time I find myself a little confused, lost or anxious, I turn to books for advice and motivation. The most concerning topics that I want to tackle right now are career, personal finances, and adulting.

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Top 10 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs and Business-Savvy Women

I don’t like to waste time. For this reason, I always try to schedule activities whether for an hour-long commute or for the 2 minutes I spend on brushing my teeth. Ideally, I would love to spend that time reading, but it is not practical if you need to keep your eyes on the road or on your face (yes, I do check out my face for any sight of wrinkles when I brush my teeth, don’t you?) Therefore, I was so glad to discover some amazing podcasts that are equal parts interesting and inspirational. Below, you’ll find my hand-selected top 10 podcasts that I would recommend to all creative entrepreneurs and career women. 

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