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The Most Flattering Fitness Outfit This Winter

The temperature in Shanghai is dropping drastically, and I can feel my motivation to workout is decreasing as well. After all, I would love nothing but to wrap myself up in a blanket, lounge on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand. But I am fully aware of the consequences - once the warmer months roll around again, I'll have to work extra hard to lose winter weights.

So instead, I have a better plan this year. I am committed to maintaining my workout schedule this winter. And the best way to motivate yourself to show up at the gym is to put on cute workout clothes that make you look a million bucks.

I'll be sharing my favorite winter workout look with you!

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The Beginner’s Guide To A Skincare Routine – 5 Steps to Healthier Skin

Having a solid skincare routine is very important. With the right steps and products, you are providing your face with the right support system that counters internal and external challenges, be it stress, lack of sleep, or changing seasons. Here, I am sharing a 5-step skincare routine that is universally applicable. The recommended products include both luxury and affordable options that you can pick up at beauty counters, Sephora, or drug stores. I have also sourced the products from all over the world – Japan, Korea, Europe, and the US.

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Asakusa, Tokyo - Frayed Denim Skirt & White Print Tee

Last month, I took a vacation to my favorite city in the world, Tokyo! This is a city that reveres its history and heritage, yet has parts that are so mind-blowingly modern. Asakusa was once the entertainment district of Tokyo, and now it is one of the most popular areas visited by tourists. Since I’ve been to Tokyo for more than 10 times, I try to avoid the touristy places, but somehow I found myself back at Asakusa yet again, this time for a summer festival. And I had the perfect summer outfit for it: frayed hem denim skirt and white printed t-shirt!

(Side note: the last time I was in Asakusa was New Year’s Eve of 2016, when I counted down with thousands of people at the Senso-ji Buddhist temple!)

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Floral Dress for Shopping on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Melrose, oh, Melrose. This is the street that I have to visit every time I am in Los Angeles. The Western side of Melrose is the part that you would find me in….shopping bags slung across my shoulders and all. From premium designer brands to buyer shops to vintage boutiques, this street has it all. A ton of brunch and dinner spots are also around the area, located in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Last week, I took my bestie Caroline out shopping on Melrose. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we both wore color palettes reminiscent of the season – blue with colorful prints on me, white and orange on Caroline.

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The Ultimate Spring Makeup Essentials

The Ultimate Spring Makeup Essentials

Spring is finally here! It’s getting substantially warmer here in Shanghai, and my mood is rising up and up along with the temperature. It’s only natural to switch up the makeup game to match the color palette of the season. For spring, it’s important for the products to have these qualities:

1.     Peachy tones

2.     Freshness

3.     Staying power

I hand-picked some of my favorite products that are perfect for the spring. Let’s get started!

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