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Sumptuous Colors | Mika Ninagawa Exhibition in Shanghai

How did you spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve? It's that time of the year where even the freezing temperature can't bring down your festive spirits. I usually celebrate by retail therapy. Double 11,  Black Friday, Boxing Day…’s so tempting to fill up our stockings with way too many presents for ourselves.

But this year, I decided to celebrate in another way. After all, the goods that you can touch and feel aren’t the ones that truly touch your heart. I wanted to give myself a present for the mind and the soul, so I visited the much-anticipated Mika Ninagawa exhibition in Shanghai. And I was blown away, to say the least!

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Egg-citing: Visiting the Gudetama Chef Restaurant in Shanghai

I don’t really understand the craze about animes and cartoons, but I do know I overuse Gudetama emoticons. I also get stuck at the Gudetama shops all too often during my trips to Japan. I don’t like to admit it, but I think I am into this lazy & grumpy egg yolk. The Gudetama restaurant just opened in Shanghai, and I invited my sister to join me on the adventure before the grand opening.

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The Most Flattering Fitness Outfit This Winter

The temperature in Shanghai is dropping drastically, and I can feel my motivation to workout is decreasing as well. After all, I would love nothing but to wrap myself up in a blanket, lounge on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand. But I am fully aware of the consequences - once the warmer months roll around again, I'll have to work extra hard to lose winter weights.

So instead, I have a better plan this year. I am committed to maintaining my workout schedule this winter. And the best way to motivate yourself to show up at the gym is to put on cute workout clothes that make you look a million bucks.

I'll be sharing my favorite winter workout look with you!

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Alan's Bistro [Shanghai]

For my parents’ 28th marriage anniversary, I decided to book a table at Alan’s Bistro, a new French eatery in town that promises to serve good food without the usual swanky feel of French restaurants. The bund housed only ultra high-end restaurants for years, and now it’s finally warming up to the concept of bistro-style places, well, only if they are opened by world-renowned chefs. Alan’s Bistro is a good example of such. Chef Alan Yu is the Executive Chef at the 8½ Otto e Mezzo and worked at Jean

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Chop Chop Club [Shanghai]

Ever since moving to Shanghai four years ago, I’ve been on a mission to try out all the restaurants that are worthy of exploring, whether they’re brand new or have been around. By now, I’ll have to say I’ve been to pretty much all of the nice restaurants in town. You can call me the Bund Girl just because I used to go to the bund for dinner dates at least twice a month. But that was back in the days when I was single and ready to mingle.

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