Sailor Moon Pop-up Café at Harajuku, Tokyo

sailor moon q-pot cafe harajuku tokyo japan

Sailor Moon still holds a special place in my heart. It’s been perhaps close to 20 years since the last time I actually watched the anime, but I still remember how obsessed I was with it when I was little. My mom told me I would cry for hours if I miss an episode on TV, and I used to beg her to take me to a Sailor moon-themed restaurant every week. Not to mention all the toys and costumes I had…… I’m sure all girls around my age can relate.

And that’s why I was so freaking excited when I found out there will be a Sailor Moon Pop-up Café during the time I was in Tokyo! Special thanks to a fellow blogger, Bonbon, for the tip. This adorable Taiwanese girl is based in Tokyo and has an inspirational blog about her life there. If you read Chinese, make sure to check out her blog before your next trip to Japan!

The Sailor Moon pop-up is at the Q-Pot café at Harajuku, Tokyo from June 30 to August 20, 2017! I believe this is an ongoing collaboration as this is the third time they’re holding the event. So if you miss it this year, check back on the website to see if they release new dates!


The reservation

Since this is a limited-time event, reservation is encouraged and, in most cases, required. I was able to make a reservation a week in advance for a weekday, but weekends are booked up quickly. You can also line up on the day of, but admission is not guaranteed.

If you want help with reservation, go check out what I listed on Trip2p

sailor moon q-pot cafe harajuku tokyo japan desserts

The experience

If you get there before your reserved time (4:30 pm in my case), you’ll have to line up outside the café. You’re recommended to arrive 10 min before scheduled time. Once it’s time, the line starts moving, and you are welcomed into the café and to your designated seats. The Q-Pot café is very cute. If it’s any cuter, it would look like a themed café. The area I booked us in is very Alice in Wonderland inspired, with huge teacups hanging from the ceiling, and all furniture painted in pastel colors.

The original décor of the café is largely unmodified, except for the line of collaboration products displayed on one wall. Sailor moon posters, 2D character standees, brochures, and products for sale were all assembled neatly. Nearly everyone at the café was female…except for maybe 3 guys who looked like they got dragged here as photographers slash Instagram husbands (my boyfriend included.)

Since we’ve picked and paid for our desserts and drinks already, the waitress came to us only to confirm and also to give a friendly reminder that out of all the collaboration products, there are two that are sold exclusively at the café and not anywhere else. Even though I studied Marketing and Psychology, I couldn’t help but get tempted and took double takes at the products offered.

Then I heard the Sailor Moon theme song over the speaker…..and our food was served. 

sailor moon q-pot cafe harajuku tokyo japan

The Desserts & Drinks

First thing first, the desserts and drinks are gorgeous in presentation. So much so that when the food was served, everyone in the room took out their phones and cameras to take pictures of the food and selfies with the food. EVERYONE. I don't blame them, because I was doing the same. Too Instagrammable to be true.

The “Sweet Crisis Moon Cake” is a strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and cream. It tastes like exactly as described (haha.) Even though I’m not impressed by the taste, I was surprised to realize that I get to take home the plate! The dessert is inspired by the command “Moon crisis, makeup!” used by Usagi to transform into Super Sailor Moon.

You get to choose one drink for free for every dessert, so I picked the “Kaleido Moon Soda.” It’s a pink grapefruit soda with jellies on the bottom that resemble colorful crystals. The drink also comes with a Kaleidoonscope straw to amplify the Sailormoon touch. The look of the drink is inspired by the Moon Gorgeous Meditation. I can see the resemblance! 

The dessert I ordered for my boyfriend is the “Twinkle Parfait. “(I can’t be the only girl that orders desserts on behalf of their guys, right?) The parfait is layered with vanilla ice-cream, berry and peach sauce, lemon pie, and yogurt. Side note, lemon is Chibi Usa’s favorite! The dessert is inspired by the Twinkle Yell, a command Chibi Moon used to call on the Pegasus. The free gift that comes with the dessert is a Chibi Usa coaster that you can take home. It’s now sitting on my work desk, and I use it religiously every day. #obsessed

The drink that came with was the “Dead Moons Amazon Cocktail,” inspired by the Amazon trio from the anime. It’s an orange scented mocha café that comes with Kahlua. I know that sounds a bit strange, but it actually tastes pretty good! The three colors (red, blue yellow) on the drink represents the three people forming the Amazonian Trio. The drink came with a zircon straw, which represents the weapon used by the Dead Moon Circus.

As for the prices, the “Sweet Crisis Moon Cake” set is 3,900 yen (35 USD) and the “Twinkle Parfait” set is 2500 yen (22 USD).

The full menu is here.

sailor moon q-pot cafe harajuku tokyo japan

The collaboration products

The experience is not complete without some shopping!

As noted before, there are two products that are sold exclusively at the café. Other than those, all other products are sold at the store across the street. You can see the products here and here.

I didn’t buy anything. You’re probably thinking, how is that possible? Well, my boyfriend was able to talk me out of buying a $30 USD mug. Great job.


What to do in Harajuku & Aoyama

 While you’re near the café, make sure to check out a few more places in the area! Harajuku & Aoyama are my must-visit every time I’m in Tokyo, for a good reason. Here’s a quick list of places you should check out.

omotesando shopping
  • Omotesando: Luxury and trend shopping. Chanel, Dior, Prada…you name it.
  • Takeshita Street: My favorite street growing up. Go check out Mother Garden for the Sirotan stuffed animals! Have a crepe at Angeles Heart or Monrion crepes. Be inspired by the “Harajuku style” dressing.
  • Kiddyland: Not just for your kids. You can get licensed products from Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, Disney, and many other animes in here!
  • Meiji Shrine: Beautiful shrine. You can catch a traditional Japanese wedding here if you’re lucky!
  • Boutique shopping at Aoyama: Walk into all the small alleys off the Omotesando street, and just get lost! I recommend checking out Isabel Marant and Ma-ru.
  • Cat Street: Off the main Omotesando street. You can find Opening Ceremony and several other boutiques here. Don’t forget to check out Ragtag, a nice vintage store.
  • Kawaii Monster Café: Full of Harajuku style. Go for snacks, photo-ops, music and performances.


If you want my curated, detailed, one-day itinerary for Harajuku & Aoyama, leave a comment below or send me on a message on my Facebook community!


Outfit Details

Top: Monki
Skirt: Naked Wardrobe (purchased at Dash LA)
Shoes: All Saints (Similar Here)
Bag: Dior
Rings: Saint Laurent + H&M
Earrings: Zhengliu