5 Reasons To Visit the Niagara Falls This Summer

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I visited the Niagara Falls two weeks ago while traveling in Toronto. The Niagara Falls is only 1.5 hours away by car from downtown Toronto, so it’s an ideal destination for a day trip. In fact, visiting the Niagara Falls is really the biggest reason why I planned the Montreal + Toronto trip. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see a wonder of the world and to check this one off my bucket list. And besides, summer time is the most ideal time to visit, as the weather is gorgeous and you get plenty of sun, so even if you get wet from the water, you’re not gonna turn into a human popsicle.

Read on for the 5 reasons why you should visit Niagara Falls this summer!

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1. It’s time to get wet…get up close and personal to the Falls

Instead of doing the cliché water parks, why not get wet from the awe-inspiriting experience of getting real close to the Falls? The Hornblower Cruise is the most memorable part of my trip.

The description of the cruise tells you that you’ll be close to the Falls, and they’re not lying. You get so close that you get blinded by the mist. BLINDED. I came off the boat with drenched hair and semi-wet clothes, and this is with a poncho on at all time! And oh, my false lashes said good-bye to my eyelids, which never happens. Oh, and you turn deaf as well. You’re so close to the edge of the falls that the sound of the splashing water is so surreal……none of those Dolby/IMIX sound systems can ever replicate that.

If you are to do the Hornblower Cruise, which I strongly recommend, make sure you scroll to the bottom of my post on travel and style tips so you can leave the boat still looking fabulous. 


2. That unicorn moment when you catch the biggest rainbow you’ve ever seen in life

You know you're having a lucky day when you catch a rainbow. Not only because it’s pretty (duh), but because you know it’s so rare to see. A total unicorn moment. Now, imagine that multiplied by a billion. The rainbow I saw at the Niagara Falls is massive. I just stood there and stared. Cannot believe my eyes! And since the rainbow is so big, even if you keep walking, you feel like it just follows you. Kind of like the Mona Lisa, if you know what I mean. 

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3. You feel the power of nature…and that puts things in perspective in your life

Sometimes in life, you’re wrapped up in so many things that you blow everything out of proportion. You take everything personally, and you think the whole world is against you. Then you come face-to-face with the Niagara Falls. It’s so grand and so powerful that you realize you are so small. Every single worry you have in life evaporates with the mist. And for a moment, you see that not everything is about you.

At least that’s how I felt when I was there. And it’s so refreshing to feel that way. 


4. Fun for all types of tourists: solo, couples, families….you name it

While researching into things to do at the Niagara Falls, I realized that the entire town centered around the Falls is actually filled with plenty of activities. Casinos, arcades, museums, winery……there’s so much to do! Many of the places are kid-friendly and can be enjoyed in a big group.

I did not stay for a night at the Niagara region since my Toronto trip was very short, but if I am to visit again, I’ll definitely stay a night so I take advantage of what the town has to offer. 

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5. The Niagara Falls is so out-of-the-world beautiful

Um, this one is really a no-brainer. I’ve been to many, many cities in the world, but there are very few moments that take my breath away. Yet, there were so many awe-inspiring moments at the Falls. The pictures don’t even do the justice. 

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Are the Niagara Falls also on your travel bucket list?
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Style Advice

  • Bring your sunglasses. To protect your beautiful eyes from the sun and from the water.
  • Bring an extra layer of clothes or something to change into. This is mainly for the aftermath from the Hornblower Cruise. A poncho is provided but it doesn’t protect you from the invasive mist and water. Be prepared so you can stay comfortable all day
  • Comfy shoes for the win. Wet pavements are a common sight. Leave those heels at home. 






Outfit Details

Top: Zara

Jeans: Emoda

Jacket: Adidas Originals (Similar Here)

Shoes: Superga

Sunglasses: Chanel

Travel Tips

  • Plan your trip in advance. I’m not even saying that because I’m a big planner, but you will get so much out of the day if you pick and choose activities that suit your desires. For me, I only had a few hours there so I knew I wanted to do the Hornblower Cruise and the Journey Behind the Falls. Both of these activities are included in the Classic Package (official packages offered by the Niagara Parks), so I bought the ticket online ahead of time and picked up the actual pass at the visitor’s center on the day of.
  • Parking. There are several parking lots available, and rates vary depending on the distance to the falls. The main parking lot, Clifton Hill Parking Lot, is a block away from the Falls and costs $20 for a vehicle per day. Don't even try meter parking since it is crazy expensive. After you park your car, you can take the shuttle (free with the Classic pass) that stops by all the destinations in town.
  • Bring a camera wipe. You will thank for me for this advice later. As long as you are semi close to the falls, your lens will get wet since the mist from the Falls travel far and wide. Make sure you bring a wipe for your camera (the ones that you use to wipe glasses
    would do as well). My routine is something like this: wipe,
    take one picture, wipe, take another picture……
    and repeat.