The Most Flattering Fitness Outfit This Winter

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The temperature in Shanghai is dropping drastically, and I can feel my motivation to workout is decreasing as well. After all, I would love nothing but to wrap myself up in a blanket, lounge on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand. But I am fully aware of the consequences - once the warmer months roll around again, I'll have to work extra hard to lose those winter weights.

So instead, I have a better plan this year. I am committed to maintaining my workout schedule this winter. And the best way to motivate yourself to show up at the gym is to put on cute workout clothes that make you look a million bucks.

I'll be sharing my favorite winter workout look with you!


the outfit

A sports bra is a must to give your girls the best support they need. I love sports bras that have a slightly longer hem that double as a top, without looking too revealing. You can take it straight from the gym to the streets!

This pastel pink sports bra from Lorna Jane has enough padding and support for medium intensity workout, yet the color and the tie-up hem band straps also make it an ideal piece for yoga and barre classes. You can style the straps in multiple ways!

The leggings from Lululemon has mesh paneling that ensures I stay comfortable and dry during my workout. This detail also adds style to an otherwise basic pair of leggings.

I remember my college days in Vancouver when all the girls on campus would pair Lululemon leggings with oversized varsity sweatshirts. In a way, I feel like I’ve witnessed Lululemon’s growth from its Vancouver origin to now prospering in China!

The most comfortable sneakers I own are definitely the Adidas Boost! (And I promise I am not biased even though I used to work for them.) You literally feel like you're walking on clouds in these shoes, so I wear them when I'm traveling in addition to working out! The subtle dark blue color looks great in the colder months and is a great alternative color to black.

flattering fitness outfit winter heelsonthego shanghai

The next item I want to talk about is also from Adidas. A layering piece is a must in the transitional season until winter time. I usually start my workouts with my track jacket, then I take them off as my body is warming up. After my workout, I would throw them on again before I go out the door so I don't get sick! These track jackets are also great because they're very flattering around the waist when you have them zipped up. The heather gray material also adds a textural interest.


Sugarmat Opening Party in Shanghai

sugarmat shanghai opening party heelsonthego

I was invited to the opening party of Sugarmat to celebrate their first store in Shanghai! I am personally a huge fan of their yoga mats after trying them out at a Guavapass event.

sugarmat opening party heelsonthego shanghai

I need yoga mats with great grip for my hands and feet, especially when I'm in the downward dog position. Out of all the yoga mats I've tried so far, Sugarmat is the only one that has enough grip for my sweaty palms and feet!

sugarmat yoga mat dream catcher

I bought a beautiful, artsy, gold-and-pink yoga mat and had it monogrammed with my name! The yoga mat is designed in collaboration with abstract expressionist Julia Contacessi. It’s absolutely dreamy and makes me look forward to my yoga sessions!

Do you guys have anything you wear when you workout that makes you feel confident and motivated to go that extra mile? Let me know in the comments below and go get your sweat on!