Top 6 Places to Visit in Paris [Paris Travel Guide Pt. 1]

I asked myself “what is your favorite city in the world?” It was quite a process trying to narrow down all the choices, but I ended up with Tokyo and Paris: Tokyo because it’s my favorite travel destination since childhood, and Paris because it has that certain je ne sais quoi.  I’ve had the luxury to visit Paris 5 times in my life so far, and I love it every single time. So I’m dedicating a new series of my blog to Paris, enjoy part 1!

In this simple travel guide, I will take you to 6 of my favorite places in Paris. People usually refer to these as “tourist attractions,” a term that has a negative connotation nowadays. I would prefer to call them “must-see landmarks” since these places have such historical, architectural, and symbolic significance to the city. Let’s get started!

Sailor Moon Pop-up Café at Harajuku, Tokyo

Sailor moon still holds a special place in my heart. It’s been perhaps close to 20 years since the last time I actually watched the anime, but I still remember how obsessed I was with it when I was little. My mom told me I would cry for hours if I miss an episode on TV, and I used to beg her to take me to a Sailor moon-themed restaurant every week. Not to mention all the toys and costumes I had…… I’m sure all girls around my age can relate.

And that’s why I was so freaking excited when I found out there will be a Sailor Moon Pop-up Café during the time I was in Tokyo! The Sailor Moon pop-up is at the Q-Pot café at Harajuku, Tokyo from June 30 to August 20, 2017! 

48 Hours in Montreal: Travel Tips on Where to Go and What to Eat

I’ve heard so many great things about Montreal before finally making the trip happen! Even though I only spent 48 hours there, I made sure to make it to all the places I’m most interested in going. And of course, I’ve also heard about the amazing food in Montreal. Special thanks to my friend Debbie Lee for giving me a detailed food list!!

Read on for my tailor-made itinerary for 48 hours in Montreal!

5 Reasons To Visit the Niagara Falls This Summer

I visited the Niagara Falls two weeks ago while travelling in Toronto. The Niagara Falls is only 1.5 hours away by car from downtown Toronto, so it’s an ideal destination for a day trip. In fact, visiting the Niagara Falls is really the biggest reason why I planned the Montreal + Toronto trip. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see a wonder of the world and to check this one off my bucket list. And besides, summer time is the most ideal time to visit, as the weather is gorgeous and you get plenty of sun, so even if you get wet from the water, you’re not gonna turn into a human popsicle.

Read on for the 5 reasons why you should visit Niagara Falls this summer!

Floral Dress for Shopping on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Melrose, oh, Melrose. This is the street that I have to visit every time I am in Los Angeles. The Western side of Melrose is the part that you would find me in….shopping bags slung across my shoulders and all. From premium designer brands to buyer shops to vintage boutiques, this street has it all. A ton of brunch and dinner spots are also around the area, located in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Last week, I took my bestie Caroline out shopping on Melrose. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we both wore color palettes reminiscent of the season – blue with colorful prints on me, white and orange on Caroline.

Top 5 Books Every Millennial Must Read: Career, Personal Finances & Adulting

Are you a millennial? Are you in your 20’s and 30’s? Have you ever caught yourself pausing for a second during your hectic day and asking “Am I on the right track?” or “Is that all there is?” I ask myself those questions constantly ever since graduating college five years ago, and every time I find myself a little confused, lost or anxious, I turn to books for advice and motivation. The most concerning topics that I want to tackle right now are career, personal finances, and adulting.

Night + Market – Authentic Thai Cuisine in LA’s West Hollywood

For me, travel planning involves a lot of restaurant scouting. A trip is not complete without a handful of decent meals planned in. You don’t want to go to the soulless, touristy spots that betray the true culinary potential of every city. The best way to find local gems is to ask your local friend. You can also do some research online……which is what I did before leaving for LA. After scanning around 5 food-related websites, I decided to make a reservation at Night + Market, a Thai restaurant in West Hollywood. They recently opened a new location at Silver Lake as well.

After a day of shopping on Melrose and at the Grove, I arrived at Night +Market just in time. We also found a parking spot on the street just a few steps away from the restaurant.  It was gonna be a good day!


Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Santorini

I don’t know when or how I got this idea, but I just know I want to be married in Santorini one day. Just have to. The all-white buildings, the volcano cliffs, and the blue Mediterranean ocean all combine to form scenery that is truly out of this world.  This postcard-perfect destination has been calling my soul for years, and 30 countries later, I finally got to it! I spent a total of two days in Santorini, which was wayyyyy too short, but I figured I would go back to this island sooner or later (to get married, of course.) And I managed to do A LOT in the 48 hours I was there.

I know a lot of people say Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and I don't disagree. Santorini, though, is definitely the world’s most romantic island. It’s so breathtakingly romantic in a totally different way. You really have to visit to understand its magic.

If you are planning a trip to Santorini or just fantasizing about it, I’ve made a list for you for the top 10 romantic things to do in Santorini, Greece.

The Ultimate Spring Makeup Essentials

The Ultimate Spring Makeup Essentials

Spring is finally here! It’s getting substantially warmer here in Shanghai, and my mood is rising up and up along with the temperature. It’s only natural to switch up the makeup game to match the color palette of the season. For spring, it’s important for the products to have these qualities:

1.     Peachy tones

2.     Freshness

3.     Staying power

I hand-picked some of my favorite products that are perfect for the spring. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs and Business-Savvy Women

I don’t like to waste time. For this reason, I always try to schedule activities whether for an hour-long commute or for the 2 minutes I spend on brushing my teeth. Ideally, I would love to spend that time reading, but it is not practical if you need to keep your eyes on the road or on your face (yes, I do check out my face for any sight of wrinkles when I brush my teeth, don’t you?) Therefore, I was so glad to discover some amazing podcasts that are equal parts interesting and inspirational. Below, you’ll find my hand-selected top 10 podcasts that I would recommend to all creative entrepreneurs and career women. 

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace & More

While traveling in Dubai, I took a road trip to Abu Dhabi. Well, not really a road trip, since it takes less than 2 hours in the car. The drive itself is not the most scenic, but it is a comfortable drive on a straight highway. I spent a total of three days at Abu Dhabi, which should be plenty of time but I was stuck in a sandstorm for a day (documented in my vlog), so it ended up being the perfect amount of time. If you have two extra days in Dubai, I highly recommend renting a car and driving to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

How To Get Into the Burj Al Arab With 30 USD Or Less

Burj Al Arab is the so-called 7 star hotel. Of course, there’s really no such thing as a 7 star hotel. But it’s true that not all 5 star hotels are created the same. Some are barely good enough to make the cut, and the others can totally blow your mind. Burj Al Arab is rumored to be in the latter category.

So if it’s so wonderful, why did I decide not to stay a night there? Well, I thought it’s a little expensive….

Alan's Bistro [Shanghai]

For my parents’ 28th marriage anniversary, I decided to book a table at Alan’s Bistro, a new French eatery in town that promises to serve good food without the usual swanky feel of French restaurants. The bund housed only ultra high-end restaurants for years, and now it’s finally warming up to the concept of bistro-style places, well, only if they are opened by world-renowned chefs. Alan’s Bistro is a good example of such. Chef Alan Yu is the Executive Chef at the 8½ Otto e Mezzo and worked at Jean

Chop Chop Club [Shanghai]

Ever since moving to Shanghai four years ago, I’ve been on a mission to try out all the restaurants that are worthy of exploring, whether they’re brand new or have been around. By now, I’ll have to say I’ve been to pretty much all of the nice restaurants in town. You can call me the Bund Girl just because I used to go to the bund for dinner dates at least twice a month. But that was back in the days when I was single and ready to mingle.

Desert Safari in Dubai

The last time I was in a desert was probably 15 years ago, on a family trip to Inner Mongolia. Unfortunately, I don't remember a whole lot from childhood, probably due to a smaller-than-normal memory capacity (and this is why I take lots of pictures to capture the moments! But more on that later....) What I do remember was how sandy, windy, and HOT the desert was.

Burj Khalifa

On a trip to Dubai, I’m not going to miss the chance to go to the tallest building in the world! I had booked the Burj Khalifa tickets in advance to avoid tickets being sold out. I actually purchased an Express Admissions ticket through Groupon….but I forgot to read into the fine prints. My original plan was to enjoy the view of the sunset from the top, but the Groupon ticket is limited to admissions before 1 pm. Oops. On the bright side, we got to skip the long line.